Thursday, 12 August 2021


You Had Me At Wine!

Date: Saturday October 2, 2021 at 5:30PM to 6:15PM
Two Laps of the Roads of Pippy Park AND Wine After

2021 Results

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Limited to 150 participants. OPEN TO ALL AGES


:Fantastic Medal
:Wine Chocolate from Theobroma Chocolat
:Wine Tea from Twinings
:Wine Candy :Endurance Tap Maple Energy pack
Fluvarium – Post event reception
:Wine - Red or White
:Wine Decorated Cake
:Great Draw prizes
Wine served at the post race reception at the Fluvarium.
Age 19 and over for reception only(id may be requested at the post race reception)

Questions and Inquiries: Please email

Shirt Designs: Logo will be on the shirts.


Mens and Youth

Shirt Back
Shirt Size Charts :

Kit Pickup Details:

Friday Oct 1, 2021
6:30 PM to 8 PM Location : 15 Edmonton Place (in St. John's)
Please have a piece of Identification when you come to get your race kit.
Please contact me if there are any concerns at

Post Race Reception:
Post Race Reception Location: Fluvarium (next to start finish line)
Age 19 and over only can attend reception (ID may be requested at the post race reception)
Random Draw Prizes will be awarded at the reception.
Post Race Reception Time: 6:00 PM to 8:00PM
Enjoy the glass of wine included with registration.
Cake will be served and wine will be available for purchase at the reception.
Click Here for a Map to the Fluvarium location
Random Draw Prizes for the Post Race Reception Provided by

Run Route : (Please keep to the Right hand side of the course at all times)

  • Start / Finish Line is on Nagles Place just west of the Fluvarium
  • Proceed Northwest along Nagles Place until you reach the dirt berm and go around the cone.
  • Return down Nagles Place passing the berm again.
  • Continue down Nagles Place to the entrance road for the greenhouses
  • Turn right onto the entrance road and proceed past the greenhouses , Pippy Park Administration offices and continue up to the second turnaround cone at Mt. Scio Road
  • Proceed back down past the Administration offices, greenhouses and back to the start

    Route Map :

    Parking and Washrooms:
  • Please park at the Confederation Building or the Fluvarium parking lot.
  • Washrooms are available at the Fluvarium.

    Transfers, Refunds, Deferrals and Picking up Someone elses kit:
    If you wish to transfer your bib to someone else please email me so the registration information can be updated.
    If someone is picking up your kit or you want to transfer your kit please email
    No Refunds or Deferrals to other events

    Important Notices for Race Day:
    1) Stay to the Right side of the road at all times with your left hand nearest the sidewalk and your right hand towards the middle of the road.
    2) Marshals are placed throughout the course to direct participants. However it is the participants responsibility to know the course.
    3) Please make sure that your bib is pinned to the front of your clothes/jacket.
    4) Please make sure that your bib is visible at the finish line so we can accurately record finish times.
    5) Bring a change of clothes to have in your car in case the weather is wet.
    6) No Dogs Permitted on course with participants.
    7) No Strollers Permitted on course with participants.
    8) Headphones Not Recommended.
    9) Please wear a watch if you would like to keep track of your finish time right away.
    10) Please park at the Confederation Building or the Fluvarium parking lot.
    11) Any unclaimed kits will only be available for TWO WEEKS following race day.

    Postponement Policy:
    At the discretion of the Race Director due to risk to spectator and participant safety or other extreme circumstances the event may be postponed to a later date.
    No REFUNDS or DEFERRALS will be issued in the event of postponement.